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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Diet effects EVERYTHING!

Good article on Diet!

"many cases still show incredible success in reversing ADHD/ADD symptoms by simply decreasing or eliminating intake of refined sugars, for instance, or any foods that contain synthetic sweeteners, preservatives, or colorings"

This article really hits home for me as our family has had a challenge with my step-daughter's diet when she is not with us.  There has been talk of placing her on ADHD/ADD medication and for me that is just a band aid for the real problem.....bad diet.  She is a victim of what so many kids today are as well.....lazy eating.  I'm not judging because before really sitting down and making a conscience decision to change this behavior, I was just as guilty.   The problem with this type of diet is that for can be the difference between A's and C's, being able to focus in school or constantly being in trouble for not paying attention and many other typical problems that people today have blamed on ADHD/ADD or "kids just being kids".  Kids are little sponges....not only their brains but their bodies as well.  We have to properly feed these kiddos if we want to see them achieve their full potential!  Instead of giving them sugar filled cereals, donuts and "junk food" food for breakfast, focus on providing a well balanced meal....because breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I know that sentence seems almost like it doesn't need to even be said but if you did a survey of a class of 10 kids, I would bet that at least 7 of them would have eaten a meal that was not  balanced meal and did not properly prepare them for the school day.  

The more fresh food we can give our children...the better. Try to avoid packaged meals, heat-ups and other "easy" foods. Remember, these are your children and they deserve the best.  If getting up 30 minutes earlier means that your child can make better grades, focus better in school, have less sick days and be healthier and happier....I think it's a no-brainer! :) 

If you have recipe examples and good ideas...send them my way!  We are still mostly doing "baby" meals at our house in the it's much easier then battling the older kids who become "choosy" about what they eat! My goal is to start posting recipe examples and weekly meal plans as we come up with them!  Thanks for being patient!

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