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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Baby Bites!

I have recently been trying to come up with creative ideas for finger foods for my 10 month old daughter as we move away from pureed food. She has picked up finger eating so quickly that I am struggling to keep up with her. I am trying to keep her mostly on fresh fruits and veggies....but I want her to have a variety in her diet so I decided to use the puree that I have been making in the Baby Bullet and combine it with her Organic puffs to create little baby bites!  Thus far I have done different combinations with sweet potatoes, brocolli, grapes, asparagus, carrots, apples and pears. 

First, I like to use Happy Baby Organic Puffs or Plum organics, which I am able to find at our regular grocery store, HEB,  as well as the Natural Grocer that we also use.  These puffs are organic, non-gmo and the plastic used in the container is BPA and PVC free.  Also, of the five varieties of puffs from Happy Baby, two of them are gluten free for anyone avoiding gluten. 

1. Cook whatever veggie you have chosen and puree it into a texture that you are comfortable with. For this example I used carrots and sweet potatoes.  The first few times I did this, I used the full puree, but you can use whatever texture your tiny one is eating. :)

2. Place your puffs in the blender, food processor or baby bullet.  If you have a Baby Bullet, you can use the milling blade to blend it up into a fine powder.

3. Slowly add the puff powder (you can using anything for the powder that you have milled**) to the puree mix until it creates an almost gummy substance. 

4. Make bite size balls and you are done.

**You can mill quinoa, rice, oatmeal, wheatgerm, etc and use in place or in combination with the puff powder.

Let me know if you try this out! I'd love to hear what combinations you tried and how this worked out for you. 

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