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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Key Ingredients!

It's important to have a good list of things for your "safe" list when going grocery shopping.  As a rule....I try to make sure that if I can buy organic I do and I also look for the Non-Gmo Project label as well.  I have found a few items that we use and can rely on....and it's good to have that list for yourself as well.  I have found that Central Market items are organic and non-gmo.  The key for us is to maintain a balance and not completely eliminate all snack foods, so some of the foods on this list may not interest some of you...but that's ok. We are all different!  I am just providing a list of things that I keep on hand or in my mind when I go shopping.  The key to a successful shopping trip is to plan ahead of time and know what you are looking for.  It is easier to buy based on your needs if you map out a gameplan first.


I can't say enough about Lärabar!  This is a great product!  Check out the link above to see their information on special diets.  Always make sure to check the individual bars to make sure they meet your needs...but know that this product is always organic and the ingredients are raw....meaning they haven't been cooked.  They are great for a snack or an addition to a small meal!

Kettle Potato Chips- You can check out their "Natural Promise" here:

When we want to snack on a chip (in moderation of course ;) ) and we are tired of corn chips....these potato chips provide a great alternative!  I have also incorporated them into recipes as a substitute for bread crumbs. :)

Earth Balance Products-

We currently use the "butter" but I will be looking into their mayo as well.  We don't use a lot of butter...but it is very handy for recipes!  Earth Balance is non-GMO and dairy free!

Pacific Natural Foods-

Check out the above website for a variety of soups, broths, beverages, etc.  Pacific has a great selection of dairy free, gluten free, kosher, vegan, low sodium and fat free options.  The above link will take you there!  There are a few soups that are dairy and wheat free...and we really enjoy those.  Plus, Pacific is organic! :)

I will be adding to this list as I find more "staple" items. We are still searching for a non-GMO hummus and if you have any gluten free, dairy free and non-GMO suggestions....send them my way!  I welcome your ideas and would love to see what items make your list.

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