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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Products I Love!

Nutiva cold pressed Coconut Oil is a must have.  I use this in lots of things! From cooking to toothpaste...coconut oil is awesome! I prefer this brand because it is cold pressed, not expeller pressed. Cold pressed oil maintains more of the coconut flavor and I prefer the texture as well. It is also organic, unrefined, unbleached, chemical free, undeodorized, unhydrogenated, contains no solvents and guaranteed non-GMO.  I was turned on to coconut oil as a treatment for stretch marks after my pregnancy and I was shocked to find that it completely erased the few stretch marks that popped up after I had my daughter....I was hooked!

Yes To Blueberries face wash.  This face wash is paraben, petroleum and SLS free. It also contains coconut oil.....of which I am obviously a big fan!  For those of us used to using a SLS face wash, body wash and shampoo, we are used to that "foaming" to feel like we're getting clean.  This face wash does not do that because it is SLS free.  SLS is used in most products because it is inexpensive and it dries out the skin and can cause irritation.

The Natures Gate products are great as well and I use the shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste as a backup when I am out of my homemade coconut oil toothpaste. The shampoo, conditioner and body wash are all organic and sulfate free!

I'd love to hear what products you use and I welcome all suggestions. We avoid parabens, sulfates and we try to get organic when we can!  I will probably have many "Products I Love" posts as I find more things to add to our collection!  I am still guilty of using my typical Secret deodorant...mostly out of fear of being smelly or sweaty at work.  If any of you have a suggestion....I would love to hear it and test it out. 

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